Description of Service

Rice-Invest is an investment farming programme that offers investors residual income and an opportunity to share in the substantial returns on investment in rice cultivation, marketing and its value chain.

Rice-Invest is a social impact investment platform connecting interested investors and the general public to an experience rice value chain development and management company, to cultivate rice and to sell the rice paddy for profit. And thereafter, the proceeds from the sales of the rice paddy is shared to all the investors and stakeholders based on their stake in the programme.

On the Rice-Invest online platform, investors can access and select the available investment plan, invest their funds, monitor the rice farm activities and investment growth.

The Rice-Invest investment cycle is a 3 months period, in sync with the duration of rice cultivation and harvesting. The pilot phase of the Rice-Invest programme is a two year investment opportunity with an upward renewal afterwards.

Indemnity of Information

Rice-Invest will not be held liable if events outside our control that would prevent us from fulfilling our obligation to our investors. We bear responsibility for any acts or omissions of investor’s data and payout in the Rice-Invest programme. It is pertinent for the investor to exhaust all channels of rectifying the issues before application of statute or common laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We retain the right at any time during the course of this Rice-Invest programme investment opportunity to vary these conditions of service and we will give all investors a one month prior notice by email, text message or newsletter of any such variation.

A person, firm or corporate entity who is not an active investor with the Rice-Invest program has no right under the contract to enforce any of these conditions.

Changes in Terms of Use by Rice-Invest

Rice-Invest may change this Terms of Use at any time and such change shall be effective upon posting the new terms of Use on the Rice-Invest website. Any visit to the Rice-Invest website or use of the Rice-Invest Services by you after the new Terms are posted will indicate your agreement to such change. Therefore, it is important you read this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the most updated terms of use.


All Guest are given access to the Rice-Invest website and the investors are given an extra usability access on the Rice-Invest dashboard. However, users and guests are prohibited from using any device, software or other instruments to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper use of our site. Any disruptive actions to destroy damage or overburden the website and its servers are a punishable offence. Moreover, users are also prohibited from using any bots, automated processes, and spiders of any like, to monitor or copy our website and it’s respective content without prior consent or authorization from Rice-Invest.

All investors are required to protect their login details from scammers, friends, associates or any other form of undue exposure that might undermine their investment. Rice-Invest investment account is not transferable to third parties.

Account Registration and Termination

All investors are meant to have a registered account in order to be legible to invest in Rice-Invest. All information submitted should be correct and up-to-date. Completing the registration means that you acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions of Rice-Invest.

Investors wishing to terminate its investment contract with Rice-Invest can do so at the end of an investment cycle.

Our Commitment to you

Our engagement in rice cultivation, includes the acquisition of the farmland, farm inputs, and farm operation for every of the rice farming cycle.

Rice-Invest shall pay investors her initial capital and the accrued ROI for their investment plan at the end of every cycle (3 months).

The Rice-Invest ROI per hectare is 4 tons of rice paddies, payable in the prevailing market price of rice paddy in the Nigerian market.

Provide regular updates to investors to track rice farm activities and investment performance

Harvest and Sell rice paddy to up-takers

Payout of dividend to all investors immediately after harvest, not more than 10-20 days after harvest

Your Commitment to Us

Register in the Rice-Invest programme, select investment plan and fund your investment.

Provide Bank Account information to receive your investment ROI.

Agree and abide with the terms and conditions for the Rice-Invest programme.

Refer a friend or colleague to earn more in the Rice-Invest opportunity.


Investing in farms or crops has enormous risks associated with it. The risk factors are forces of nature, acts of gods or uncontrollable incident. Rice-Invest through its partnering insurance company have worked out a risk mitigation plan.

Rice-Invest guarantees security of investor’s funds. If in case of loss caused by forces of nature, acts of gods or uncontrollable factors, the investors are guaranteed their initial capital only.

Privacy and Security

Rice-Invest will not disclose any user information including name, email address, contact numbers, and other account information to any third party. The information provided by the investors in the Rice-Invest online platform will be used solely for Rice-Invest operations.

No cookies that are setup on the RiceInvest website that can spy or infringe on users or guest privacy policy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.



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